Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

g6 LORD, OR JEHOVAH, &c. to the Relt, which Himfelf hath provided for them, in a blifsful Eternity. in this glorious View of our exalted Saviour, what a Fund of Comfort appears in all his Undertakings, his Offices, his Nature, for the Children of GOD ? 7efus, becaufe HE CONTINUETH EVER, bath an unchangeable Priefihood ; and He is able alfo to fave them to the utter- moll [or for evermore] that come unto GOD by Him, fee- HE EVER LIVETH [the very Meaning of his Name JEHOVAH] to make Interceon for them. * JEHOVAH be- came 7efus for their Sakes. And Jefus is JEHOVAH, or he could not be THE SAME yefierday [i. e. fromEternity] today [i. e. through all Time] and for ever [i. e. toEter: tiny] : All which the Name JEHOVAH implies. No Motive, but his own infinite Grace and Mercy, could have induced the Prince of Life, t to become a Man of Sorrows and acquaintedwith Grief ; no End, but to dif- play his tranfcendent Glory, in the everlafting Happinefs of his People. His own fpontaneous Love produced the original Defign ; his unfearchable Wifdom contrived the eternal Plan ; and his omnipotent Power rendered their Redemption as unfailing and fure, as it is perfeët and ordered in allthings. He is THE LIFE ;$ in whom all Creatures live, are moved, and have their Being; by whom his People recover from Darknefs and Death ; and in whom whofoever believetb (hall never trulydie. This is Gofpel, or good News, indeed to thofe feeble Childrenof Grace, who are continually fearing lett they fhould perifh by the Hand of Saul; § or fail of thofe abundant Bleffings, which infinite Bounty hath pro. vided, and which infinite Love bath promifed them. Such should never forget, that 7efus is JEHOVAH ; able to make good all his Engagements, and willing as He is able. Let them cart their Burden upon JEHOVAH, Heb. iii. 2+2 2.5. t A is iii. is. ;4 John xiv. 6. z Sam. xxvii. h, and