Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

ADONAI. LORD. 143 n Ruler and Difpofer, or a Balls and Support: In both Senfes it refers to the Redeemer's Operation in the Co- venant of Grace. We find him addrefï'ed under this Appellation by JE- HOVAH the Father in Halm cx. i. * " JEHOVAHPaid unto my ADONAI,fit thou at my right hand, untill Imake thine Enemies thy Footftool." And Chrft affirmed the Title, and applied the Pfalm to himfelf, as appears in three of the Evangelifts, Matth. xxii. 44. Mark xii..36. and Luke xx. 42. This alone is Proof fufficient, that Jefus Cbrift is ADONAI, theLord, and Supporter of all things : But there are other Evidences, befides this Pfalrn; which contains a clear Revelation of that part of the everlaaing Covenant, undertaken by the MESSIAH, as the Lordand Prieft of his Redeemed. Remarkable is the Vifion, with which Ifaiah was fa- voured, of this glorious ADONAI. " Ifaw (fays he) the ADONAI fatting upon a Throne high, and liftedup, and his Trainfilled the Temple (a lively Emblem of the impe- rial Dignity of Jefus, and of glorifying his Church, Zanchius, a thoufand times. In the C1d and New Teftament this Title is attributed to GOD more than a thoufand times, faith Ger- hard. The Hebrew Word ' trIR Adonai, fpringing from rut Adon, and that from Eden, which fignitieth a Rafe or Pillar which fuftain- eth any thing ; the Greek (asp ] One 'who hath Rule or Dominion, being a Word ofRelation. vas Fnglifh Word Lord, hath much like Fòtce with the Hebrew u'na being contraétedofan old Saxon Word Laford, which is by interpretation a Sp./Miner." LEIGH'S Crit. Sacr. in verb. 'tope, * The excellent Bp. Reynolds, in his Explication of this Pfalm, gives a beautiful Definition of the Word Adanai. " CHRIST (lays -he) is Loa u [or /danai] in tworefpeéts; Firfi, a Lord in Power and Strength ; Power to forgive Sins ; Power toquicken whomhe will ; Power to deanfe, juftify and fanttify; Power to fuccour in Tempta.. lions ; Power to raife from the Dead ; Power to fave to the utter. moil all that come to GOD by him ; Power to hold fait his Sheep; Power to cad out the Acculer of the Brethren ; Power to put down all his Enemies, and to fubdue all things unto himfelf. Secondly, A Lord in Authority ; To judge, to anoint, to employ, to command, whom and what he will. He only is Lord over our Perfons, over our Faith, over our Confciences. Tohim only we muff fay ; Lord, lave us left vie perijh; tohim onlywe mud fay, Lord, 'what wilt thou have us to do 7''_ which