Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

[ 9 made it neceffary, that JEHOVAH our ALEHIM is ONE JEHOVAH ;* which could not have become neceffary, if the Word ALEHIM conveyed one fingle and fimilar, Idea . with the Word JEHOVAH. We might here adduce other Proof of this Doctrine from various Paffages of the facred Writings, and thew, that it was the conftant Faith of the true Believers, as well under the Old Teftament, as under the New. But this hath been often and amply done already. It may fuffice to obferve, that the Dodrine of the Trinity is no novel Opinion, taken up with the Religion now called Chr/ian (as force have aífeéted to think); and that the principal Profeffors of it, fince Chrif, never confidered it in that Light. To fay nothing of Ignatius, uftin Martyr, and others, who from the Age of the Apoftles, and from the apoftolic aswell as prophetical Writings, proved and maintained this Tenet ; we may learn by Auguftine, Philaftrius, &c. that it was both efteemed as antient as the World, and that it was even reputed an YIerefy to think the contrary.-- Auguftine pofitively de- clares, that G6 the Subftance of what is now called the Chriftian Religion, was maintained by the antient Be- lievers, and exifted ab Initio Generis human, from the Beginning of human Nature, till Chrift himfelf appeared in the Flefh; when the true Religion, which was in Be- ing before, received the Name of Chriftianity." And foon after he adds, " Y faid, therefore, this, in our Time, is the Chriftian Religion ; not becaufe it did not exift in former Times, but becaufe in later it obtained the Name."$ GOD's People were Chriftians even in the Time of the Patriarchs, and were fo deno- minated by GOD himfelf ; Touch not my Chrißians, or Deut. vi. 4. Photius in his Bibliotheca mentions an anonymous Chriftian Wri- ter, who, a little before his Time, had written XV Books for the exprefs Purpofe of proving,- that the ancient Heathens of moll Na- tions had obtained a, corrupt Tradition of many great Principles of the true Religion, and in particular of the Doánne of the Tri- pity. Cod. CLXX. 4 Lib. i i. c. r3. Retfatlionumt (what