Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

M I G H T Y GOD. rSr then to poffefs a Life of Faith and Communion with GOD, unfeduced by the Blandifhments of Senfe around him, and uninflaved by theAttachments of Corruption within him, demonftrates that Grace indeed is both thong and true within his Soul, and that he is carried on by a greater Power than his own. But GOD's People are feldom led in this Way : they are generally zhofen in the Furnace of l*tlion ; and, through much Tribulation, are ordained to enter into the Kingdom.* He, who is mighty . to fave, faves them all the Way.. Bleffed be his Mercy, he isfaithful, and will not fuller ,them to be tempted above that they are able ; but will ither removethe Temptation, or give them his Power to bear it ; as fhall feem beft to his Wifdom, as fhall redound molt to his Glory. Q thou aflitled Soul; thou to,fled with Tempeft, and not comforted; call thy Burden upon the LORD, and he ,,hall fuftain thee ; fpread before him all thy Cares and all thy Fears, and he fhall give thee Peace. Thouhaft not a Care which he cannot bear, nor a Sorrow more than is neceffary for thyfelf. gull in the LORD for ever ; for in the LORD JEHOVAH, and in him alone, is everlaJting Strength. Thy yeftrs is JEHOVAH : For JE- HOVAH became fefus for thee, and for thy. Salvation. He bath all Grace to give ; he hath all Love to endear; lie hath all Power to help ; and none, that trufted in him, was ever confounded. When Help was laid upon yefus, it was laid upon one that is MIGHTY. He hath Compaffions for Thee, fuch as Mortals cannot feel, and loves his People with a Tendernefs, as inex- prefTible as his Nature. He can be touched with the Feeling of thy Infirmities ; for he has borne them all ; and, beyond them all, has fuftained Pangs, which thou never !halt, nor ever could, encounter or endure. He was, in all Points, tempted like as thou art, yet with- out Sin. He became thy Brother in Tribulation, that thou mighteft become his Brother in Glory. Sure are ' AEts xìv. az. N 3 the