Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

AMP [ 22 l wretchedly corrupted by the Race of Gain"* Nor did this fad Corruption reft with the Defcendants of Cain; for we find, that the Declenfion fromTruth fpread wider and wider among all Men. At length, they, who (as it is juttly fuppofed) were called the Sons of GOD from their Profeffion of the true Religion, became infeEted with the prevalent Corruptions of the Age, by their In- termarriages with the Daughters of Men, or the Profef- fors of Idolatry. Such Kinds of Marriages (as an ex- cellent Author well obferves) were always followed by a Corruption of Religion and Manners. ± Thus, in a íhort Time from this unequal Intercoúrfe, it appears, that GOD faw the Wickednefs of Man was great in the Earth; that the Earth was corrupt before GOD, andfilled with Violence; and that all Flefh had corrupted his Way upon the Earth. § Yet there was, even then, a Remnant which fhould befaved. At that Time, and indeed at all Times, the true Religion feems to have been like a Spark of Fire in the Ocean; ever furrouiided by Cor- ruption and Infidelity, never totally extinguifhed or de- itroyed. The ancient faithful Line is carefully record- ed in Scripture; and it was decreed, that every Mem- ber of it fhould be taken from the Evil, and pafs out of the World in the ordinary Courfe of Nature, before the Flood íhould drown the Multitude of the Ungodly. .Methufelah and Lamech, Noah's next Progenitors, are thought by Chronologers to have yielded up their Spi- rits to GOD; the former only a few Months at the molt, and the latter about five Years, before the-Deluge. In this refpect, there feems a near Refemblance (as Chrift in- deed hath foretold there iball be) between this grand Event and the final Difïolution ofall Things. The cho- fen Seed, whofe Work was done, were fafely gathered in before the Storm ; and the chafen Seed, who were yet fo carry on the Defigns of Providence, were wonderful- USHER'S llnnalJ. W1T811 AexawAon. Ç. iii. 9 9. z Cor. vi. x¢. Neh. xiii. z6. JJ Gen, vi. 5, a 1, az. ly