Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

f 36 3 Word JEHOVAH, or Name of the fef=exiftent GOD among the Profeffors of the true Religon, as poflibly can be. The Apoftle john defines the Name almoft in the fame Words, or rather gives a Periphrafis of ir, when he defcribes the LORD as " HIM, who is, and who WAS, and who is TO COME. * And the Reafon of thefe Expofitions or Periphrafes of the Name JEHOVAH feems to be, that no Language upon Earth can ex- prefs the Senfe of that Name in one Word. Muffin kerns puzzled about Plato's receiving the Knowledgeof this identical Name, which he renders Ego fum, quifum, « I am, that I am ;" fince, fays he, feremiah, who was in Egypt, muff have been dead an hundred [or, nearer, two hundred] Years before Plato's Time, and the Sep- tuagint Translation was not then made. -f- There feems no Difficulty in admitting, that he met with one of thefe Columns upon his Travels in Egypt, and that an Egyp- tian Hieromanth, or Prieft, explained the Infcription to him. And Eufebius has no Doubt, but that he acquired the Knowledge of this Name from them. Near the Summit of many of the Columns or Obelifks, the Tri- nity (to which they are thought to have been dedicated) was defcribed by an hieroglyphical Reprefentation of a Circle with Wings, and a Serpent proceeding from it ; ac- cording to the following Figure. By the Circle was underftood the incomprehenfible, un- divided, immaterial EfFence of GOD, without Begin- ning and without End. So likewife theGlobes or Spheres, '* Rev. i. 4. I. Aue. de ci ,. Dei. 1. viii. c. 11. I Depræp. evang. 1. xi. C. 6. ono.'