Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

Hord' SOlLtGïYZee O R; E S S A Y S UPON SOME REMARKABLE NAMES AND TITLES O F JESUS CHRIST, OCCURRING IN The OLD TESTAMENT, and declarative of his efitehtial Dtv1NIT+ and gracious OrFICES in the Redemptionof Man: 'FO WHICH IS PRIEFIXED AN HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION Concerning the Doctrine of the TRINITY, as it appeared in the World, principally, before the Chriftian JEta. They that YNote thy NAME will poet their Trull in THiE. Pfalm ix. lo. My People SHALL know my NAME. Ifaiâh lii. 6. as Nec Veteris Tefiamenti circa Perfonam CHR IsTt vaciliet Auetoritas, dum Novi Tetiamcnti Manifettatione fulcitur: nec Novi Teltamenti intercepta fit Paellas, dom Radicibus Veteris TéRamenti ejufdem nit¢ur Ventas. Ex quo qui CHRISTI/NI, DEI Filium et Hominis, tantummode pra:fumunt Hominem, non et, DEUM, contra Teltamentum et Vetos et Novum faciunt, dum et Veteris et Novi Teihamenti Aodtoritatem Veritatemgi, prrumpunt." NOVAI. de Tin, C. sou:. L O N D O N: Printed by J. W. PASHAM, Black-Friars ; And Sold by EDWARD and CHARLES DILLY, in the Poultry; and by JAMES. MAI HEWS, in the Strar:d. 1176.