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C 43 ) Chriftians." * Nor can we omit to notice, that Horus (which fometimes flood for Man exclufively, and Tome,. times for the Univerfe of Things with and about hinì) was generally reprefented, when drawn hieroglyphical- ly in human Shape, with a Triangle fattened by a Liga- ment to the hinder Part of his Head ; which fervid to thew, that he derived both his Being and Intellefl from the triune GOD. It has been prefumed byTome (and particularly by ;Sir john Marfham in his Chronicus Canon, &c. and by Spencer in his Treatife de legibus Hebreorum ritualibus), that the Ifraelites derived much or molt of their Ritual and Doarinal Religion from the Egyptians, which they inftance, however, but comparatively, in a few Particu- lars. Without entering into the Merits of that Contro- verfy, which the learned Witfius has amply difcuffed already, we may briefly obferve ;. that there is no Wonder in finding a Refemblance in folne Opinions, and a Congruity in a few Obfervances, between the Ifraelites and the Egyptians ; when all the firít Principles of the one, and fome of the other, were de- rived from the fame patriarchal Source. But there was a very apparent and a very wide Difference between the two Nations fo early as in the Days ofyofeph ; and this wideDifference, fubfifting in the Interpolations andCor- ruptions of the patriarchal Religion by the Egyptians, was Rill more ftrongly marked by the legal Difpenfation given to Mofes; a great Part of which was inftituted in direét Oppofition to them. Thus Witfius remarks from Maimonides, that the entire Purpofe of the ceremonial Law was to exhibit the Worfhip of the true GOD in a Modewholly different from all idolatrous Forms, which are reprobated again and again, and particularly in Deut. xii. 30, &c. Take heed to thyfelf that thou be not fnared by FOLLOWING THEM [the Heathens), after that they be deftroyed from before thee, and that thou inquire not after their Gods, faying, now did theft Nations ferve their Gods? EVEN SO WILL I DO LIKEWISE. THOU SHALT ? Apol, g i. p. p3. Edit. Sylburg, NOT