Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

t try ¿lore, mtift certainly be excepted fince they evidently are the Offspring of the Greenlanders ; as theft like- wife are derived from the People, who inhabit Lapland, or the Northern Extremities of Europe. And thefe Laplanders are only degenerated. Tartars, and together " zation to the Tunguft Tartars, or perhaps their Offspring,`the CM- nefe and Japonefe. That thefe Nations have in anisent Times na- "' vigated to North America, has long been fufpe fed. This was " lately afcertained by an ingenious French Author; and, from the " Situation of the 7,ê, Kurili, and other illands, is rendered more " and more probable." The Dof&or fubjoins in a Note this Author's Name, with the following Account. " M. de Guignes, in a Memoir " infected in the 28th Volume of the Academy of Infcriptions and " Belles Lettres for the Year 1757, and entitled, Rechercbesfur les " Navigation des Chinois, du Coté de 1 Amérique, E fur quelques " Peaplesfitués á l' Extrémité Orientale dé ¡'life ; from the concur- " rent Tellimony of feveral antient Chinefe Writers, proves, That " their early Navigators, after having followed the flfiatic Coaft " towards the North as far as Kamtfcatka, which they called Taban, " croffed the Ocean in an eagerly Direafion, and at the Diftanceof zo,000 Lis, or about z000 Miles, arrived{ nearly under the fame " Parallel, at a Country which they named Foufang; being, accord- " ° ing to them, the Land where the Sun rifes. This muff have " been the Coati difcovered by the Ruffians in 1741 ; and from " the new Difcoveries it may be inferred, that the Chinefe were din " ° reefed in that 'fraEt, by following the Courfe of the Wands". Dr. WATSON, in his Remains of7aphet, fupports the fameHypothefrs. p. zag. To their Accounts maybe fubjoined the Opinionofan Ame- rican Author. " That Part ofAmerica next tollfia is Paid to be much more populous than the remoter Rattern Provinces or Kingdoms; which is a manifefi Indication, that this was firl' planted by Colo- nies coming from the neareff Parts of A,/fa, who fettled here, and afterwards fpread themfelves gradually over the New World : From whence we may conclude, that the Bulk of the Americans are de- fcended from the Tartars, Siberians, and People of Kamtfchatka." SMIT5's Hifl. of N. ferfey, printed in that Province, 1765. The Opinion of .Arias Montanus, Vatablus;, &c. that America was peo- pled by Jobab and Ophir, two of the Sons of 7oi an; and that the Ophir, whence Solomon procured Gold, was the Weft Indies or Peru, becasfe in z Chron. iii. 6. that Gold is called ottis arit Zahab Párvim or Perum; does not feem fuficiently fupported. Mr. Bryant, and before him Dr. Edwards and others, with greater Pro- bability, believe, that Ophir was Africa ; which Belief is farther confirmed by the great Quantity of .,.//mug Trees (a Species Of Ce- dar-fo called from its Incorruptibility) brought from thence; as it could never anfaer the Purpofe of a remote American Voyage to load the Ships of thofe Times with Timber, F with