Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

67 ] rectiafkabie fragment of the antient patriarchal Reli- gion, is too copious for an Infertion into this Introduc- tion, which may be confidered only as the Outline of a Iar;er Work; and therefore the inquifitive Reader muff: be referred to the Book itfelf. Upon one Side of this remarkable Medal is a Reprefentation of the Deity (like the German Triglaf or Rodigaft), with three Heads' upon one Body, evidently defigned to convey their No- tion of a Trinity in Unity. Upon the Reverfe is an Infcription, which the learned Officer, who is faid to be well 'killed in the Magogian Language, has thus tranflated intoLatin; .4lma Imagofantla DEI Zít TRIBU$ IMAGINIBUS HISCE ; colligite fant`lam Poluntatem Dei ex illis. Diligite Erma: " The pure holy Image of the Deity under thefe three Forms: Gather the holy Will " of GOD from them; and love Him.--They here- " by acknowledge one Divinity, which confifts of Three " Perfons, equal anìong themfelves, each of infinite Wifdom and Power three of a beneficent " Nature, infeparable in one Spirit, confituting but one Being, infinitely wife and powerful, the Creator, " and Ordainer of all things." The fame learned Officer, in his ingenious Memoir; quotes from Strahlenberg, that the Tartars called Ja- kuthi, whb.. are Idolaters, and the molt numerous People of all Siberia, adore one only invifible GOD, tinder three different Denominations, which are, ARTtr_ GON, SCHÉUGO-TEÚGON, and TANGARA. By the firf$ was underftood The Creator of all Things; by the fe- cond, The God of 1Ìrmies, or the Power over all ; and by the third Love. Thefe Tartars are fuppofed to be of one Origin with thofe of Tibet, under the Dominion of the Lama, Dr. Parfons, with great Reafon, fup- pofes, that they all are Defcendants from Togarmab, one of the Sons of Gomer, and that they obtained their Knowledge of the TRINITY IN UNITY from the firf Patriarchs. t * C. vii. p. 184, Ibid. p. 191. PB We