Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

[ 8¢ to the Pole) continually turn ; or our Knowledge be- comes like the Vifion of a Night, which the Morning Sun íhall chafe away ; and every fancied Acquirement, like an idle Dream, evaporates into nothing. The Bible, and its everlafting Truths, can alone afford us Comfort in a dying Hour, and fupply us with a chear- ing Cordial, when all fublunary Help muff fail. What- ever Men may think or fay, while Health and Strength attend them it is ufually feen, that the Word of GOD and the Things of GOD appear in no ridiculous View, in no difportive Colours, but in fober folemn Great- nefs ; when the Tlefh and the Heart begin tofail, and when both perceive their Want of a Portionfor ever. A Table is fubjoined, in which thefe Names of Cbrif in the Old 2-eya tent (and many others might have been added) are (hewn to beparallel to thofe, afcribed to Him in the New. By this, as well as by other Comparifons, it may be feen, that the collateral Motion of the two Eyes, the Unifons of Mufic, or any of the Harmonies in Nature, cannot be more exact or infeparable than thofe which prevail in the written Word of GQD. The Title Horse Solitari.n is prefixed to thefe Papers; li.nce they were the retired Employment only of fuch Parts of the Author's Time, as were difengaged from the Duties of his Station: And the Subject, on which they treat, was his greateft Confolation under the Lofs of a very affectionate and valuable Friend. The Divinity and All-fufficiency of the great Redeemer, he found, by a little Experience, to be a Source of Peace; when he could find none in aught betide. The Grace of an Al- mighty Saviour alone can triumph over all exterior Cir- cumftances, and, when human Expectations and hu- man Aids are it their lowed Ebb, can roll in a Tide of Joy, which fha11 never roll back again to Eternity.* To conclude; If an Heathen (Tbeophraftus) could fay, that the whole Aim and Credit of Philofophy con- fided in obtaining an happy Life; t we may add, upon John xiv. xv. r r. xvi. 22. fi Ctc. de A. bon. er mal. l. v. § 86. better