Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

6 Of ijRDERING the THOUGHTS God's command, for the higher meafure of holinefs, for glorious ends, without a warrant from the Word, is the more fordid fuperfti- tion. Chrift healed the leper : when he char- ged him with anger to tell no man ; he, no quef}ion for a good end, pubiifhed the Mira- cle the more : this was a good motion, but it was finful in him, being crofs to Chrift's command. When Chrift would have wafhed Peter's feet, he had many thoughts that cam:' into his head, concerning his own vilenfs, and Chrift's glory ; and had a good end and meaning in his anfwers; yet his humility croffing Chrift's command, the Lord profelfeth againft it and him for it, that he had no part in him, if he fhould go on in it. 3. God's Spirit Pets . a man on work in due feafon : For let the duty be commanded and rightly direaed, yet if it be not done in fea- fon, it is not from God's Spirit : Hence Pfal. r. The righteous bring forth fruit in its feafon and hence Solomon fpeaks of words fpoken in feafon, are as apples of Gold : and hence we read in Ecclefiaftes, of a time' and feafon for every thing under the Sun. And therefore when there is a feafon of God's appointing for civil things or bufinefs ; it is not feafon now to be moleffed or perplexed in it, by the injeaion and evocation of thofe thoughts which we think to proceed from the Spirit of GOD. I know indeed, that the Spirit of God doth enable a man to do whatever good he doth ;- but as Grace makes Nature fometimes to ferve, fo fin- ful