Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

BOOKS Sold by ROGERS and FOWLE in BOST014 APrefent for a SL+RVANT MAID ; Or, The fare Means of gaining LovE and ESTEEM. In which are Directionsfor going to Market ; Alfa, for dre/ng any common Difh, whether Fle/h, Fifh, or Fowl. With Rules for Waling; &c. The whole calculated for mak- ing both the Mifirefs and Maid happy. The following Recommendation of the above Book is taken from the Gentleman's Magazine in London. c' This (mall Treatife is fo well done, andfo much ap- " proved of by Perfons ofall Ranks, that great Numbers R' have been fold hrr Landlords give them to their Te- nants, Parents tolireir Children, Miflrfs to their " Servants, Governors and Direíiors of Charity Schools " enjoin the MJlre'jfes to teach the Girls to read this Book, " as the bell extant to qualify them for Services ofany " kind." He Iliflory of the Martyrs : Being a Cloudof Wit - neffes ; Or, the S'ierers Miryour, made up of the Swan - like Songs, and other Choice Pelages of a great Number of Martyrs and Confefrs, in their Treatifes, Speeches, Letters, Prayers, &c. in their Prifoas, or Ex- iles : at the Bar, or State, &c. ColleEted out of the Ecclefiafical Hifories of EUSEBIUs, Fox, FULLER, CLARK, PETRIE, SCOTLAND, and Mr.SAMUEL WARD'S Life of Faith in Death, &c. By THOMAS MALL, M. A. With a Preface by Mr. FLATE.L. PRa8ical Difcoutfes on thePARABLE of theslen VIR- GINS. Being a ferious Call and Admonition to Watehfulnefs and Diligence in preparingfor Death and ,7udgment. By BENJAMIN COLMAN, D. D. Pallor of a Church in BOSTON NEW-ENGLAND. A Prefent for an Apprentice : Or, a fore Guide to . gain both Efteem and Eflate ; with Rulesfor bis ConduEt to his Mailer, and in the World. By a late LORD MAYOR of Landon.