Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 141 .-die in. We should have hearts prepared for every good duty, open to all good occasions, and shut to all temptations, keeping our watch, and being always ready armed. So far as we come short of these things, so far we have just cause to be hun1bled; and yet press forward that we may gain 1nore upon ourselves, and make these things n1ore familiar and lovely unto us. When we find our souls any ways falling downwards, it is best to raise the1n up presently by some awakening meditations ; as of the presence of God, of the strict reckoning we are to make, of the infinite love of God in Christ, and the fruits of it, of the excellency of a Christian's calling, of the short and uncertain time of this life ; how little good all those things that steal away our hearts, will do us ere long; and how it shall be for ever with us hereafter, as we spend this little time well or ill. The more we give way for such considerations to sink into our hearts, the more ·we shall rise nearer to that state of soul which we shall enjoy in heaven. When we grow regardless of keeping our souls, then a·~d recovers our taste of good things ·a.gain by sharp crosses.