Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SM'OKIN'G FLAX. 153 go to Christ presently to bind us up again . .. Let us know therefore, that it is dangerous to look for that from ourselves, which we must have from Christ. Since the fall, all our strength lies in him, as Samson's in his hair. We are but subordinate agents, moving as we are moved, and working as we are first wrought upon; free, so far as we are freed ; no wiser nor stronger than he makes us to be for the present, in any . thing we undertake. It is his Spirit that actuates and enliveneth, and applieth that knowledge and strength, which we have, or else it faileth, and lieth as useless in us. We work when we work upon a present strength. Therefore dependent spirits are the wisest and th€ ablest. Nothing is stronger than humility, that goeth out of itself; or weaker than pride that resteth upon its own bottom. This should rather be observed, because naturally we affect a kind ·Of divinity, in setting upon actions in the strength of our own parts .: whereas Christ saith, " vVithout me ye can do nothing;" he doth not .say, You do only a little, but nothing. Theref{)re in all (especially