Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 165 with our sins, that Christ bath this in charge of his F?-ther, that he shall not quench the smoking flax, until he hath subdued all. This putteth a shield into our hands, to beat back all the fiery darts of Satan: he will object, Thou art a great sinner; we may answer, Christ is a strong Saviour. -But Satan will object, Thou hast no faith, no love. Yes, a spark of faith and love. But Christ will not regard that. Yes, he will not queneh the smoking flax. But this is so little and weak, that it will vanish and come to nought. Nay, but Christ will-cherish it until he hath brought judgment to victory. And thus much for our comfort we have already, than even when we first believed we overcmne God . himself (as it w:ere) by believing the pardon of all our sins; notwithstanding the guilt of our own consciences, and his absolute justice. Now having been pre·· vailers with God, what shall stand against us, if we can Jearn to make use of our faith? 0 ! what a confusion is this to Satan, that he should labour to blow out a poor spark, and yet should not be able tq