Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND "SMOKING FLAK. 15 make the bruise more painful. Now he that is thus bruised will be content with nothing, but with n1ercy from him that hath bruised him. He hath wounded, and he must -heal. Again, a man truly bruised, judgeth sin the greatest evil, and the favour of God the greatest good.-He had rather hear qf mercy, than of a king· dom.-He bath mean conceits of himself, and thinketh he is not worthy of the earth that he treads upon.-Towards others he is not censorious, as being taken up at home, but is full of sympathy and compassion to those that are under God's hand.-He thinketh those that walk in the comforts of God's Spirit the happiest men in the world.-He ' ' trembleth at the word of God,' ' and honoureth the very feet of those blessed instruments that bring peace unto him. He is more taken up with the inward exercises of a broken heart, than with formality, and yet careful to use all sanctified means to obtain comfort. But how shall we come to have this temper? We must conceive of bruising, either as a state into which God bringeth us, or