Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING fLAX. 23 ture, comes to perfection by little ; worthless things, as mushrooms or J onah's gourd, and the like, soon spring up and soon vanish. A new creature is the most excellent frame in all the world, therefore it groweth up by degrees. A mighty oak riseth of an acorn. It is.with a Christian as it was with Christ who sprung out of the dead stock of J esse, out of David's fan1ily when it was at the lowest. But he grew up higher than the heavens. It is not with trees of righteousness, as it was with the trees of Paradise, which all were· created perfect at the first. The seeds· of all the creatures in this goodly fram·e of the world, were hid in the chaos, in that confused mass at the first, out of which God did command all creatures to arise. In the small seeds of plants lie hid both bulk and branches, bud and fruit. In a few principles lie hid all comfortable conclusions of holy truth. All those glorious fire-works of zeal and holiness in the saints, had their beginning from a few spa-rks. Let .us not therefore be discouraged at the small beginnings of grace, but look ori ourselves, as "elected to be blameless,