Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 31 ·am gone, and strength to fast when the Holy Ghost is come upon them. Matt. ix. 15. Acts i. 8. It is not the best way to blame young - beginners for some lesser vanities, but to shew them a more excellent way, and train them up in _obedience to positive ·commands, and other things will be quickly out of credit with them. It is not amiss to conceal their wants, to excuse some failings, to commend their performance, to cherish their l:owardness, to remove all rubs out of their way, to help them in every thing to bear the yoke of religion with greater ease, to bring them to love God and his service, lest they distaste it before they know it. For the most · part we see Christ planteth in young beginners a love which we call the first love, to carry them through their profession with more delight, and cloth not expose them to crosses before they have gathered strength, as we breed up young plants and fence them frorn the weather, until they be well rooted. Mercy to others should move us often to deny ourselves in our lawful liberties, when in danger of offending weak ones. It is the