Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

:38 TilE nr. U ISED REED the keys is always si1ccessful. In personal application there must be great heed taken. For a man may be a false prophet and yet speak the truth, if it be not a truth to the person to whom he speak- - eth ; if he grieve those whom God bath not grieved, by unseasonable truths, or by comforts in a bad way; the hearts of the wicked may be strengthened. One man's meat may be another's bane. If we look to the general temper of these times, rousing and awakening scriptures are fittest; yet many broken spirits need soft and oily words. Even in the worst times the prophets mingle sweet comfort for the hidden i·emnant of faithful people. God hath comfort, " Comfort ye my people,'' as well as " Lift up thy voice as a trumpet.' ' And here likewise there needs a caveat. Mercy doth not rob us of our right judgment, as that we should take smoking firebrands for smoking flax. None will claim mercy more of others than those whose portion-is due severity. This example doth not countenance lukewarmness; nor too n1uch indulgence to those ·who need quickening. Cold diseases