Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

40 THE Bl\ U ISED f t EED. religion by cruelty, shew that they are strangers to that wisdom which is from above, which maketh men gentle, peaceable, and ready to shew that n1ercy which they have before felt themselves. It is agreeable to Christ, and likewise to man's nature, to prevail by forbearance and moderation. .And yet oft we see a fal se spirit in those who call for moderation. It is but to carry their own projects with the greater. strength, and if they prove of the prevailing hand, they will hardly shew that moderation to others, which they now call for from others. There is a proud ·kind of moderation likewise when men will take upon them to censure either party, as if they were wiser . than both, though, if the spirit be right, a looker-on may see more than those that are in the conflict. So, in the censures of the church, it is more suitable to the Spirit of Christ to incline to the milder p'art, and not to shut men out of heaven 'for a trifle. The very snuffers of the tabernacle were made of pure gold, to shew the purity of those censures whereby the light of the church