Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

50 HlE BRUISED !tEED sins, and accepting our obedience, though. feeble and blemished. We are now brought to heaven under the covenant of grace,. by a way of love and ·mercy. It will prove a special · help to know distinctly the difference between the covenant of works, and the eovenan t of grace; between Moses and Christ : Moses without mercy breaketh all bruised reeds, and quencheth all smoking flax. For the law requireth personal, perpetual, perfect obedience, and from a perfect heart ; and that under a most terrible curse, and giveth no strength. A severe taskmaster, like Pharaoh's, requireth a whole tale of bricks, and yet giveth no straw. Christ cometh with blessing after blessing, even upon those whom Moses ha;d cursed, and with healing balm for those wounds whic.h. Moses had made. The same duties are req~ired in both covenants; as to love the Lord with all our hearts and souls. In the covenant of works, this must be taken in the rigour; but under the covenant of grace, it is a sincere endeavour proportionable to the grace received : and so it must be understood of Josiah and others, when it is