Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 69 as we are able, do as we are able, according to the measure of grace received. God, through Christ, will cast a gracious eye upon that which is his own. Would St. Paul do nothing, because he could not do the good · he would? No, "he pressed towards the mark." Let us not be cruel to ourselves, when Christ is thus gracious. There is a certain meekness of spirit, \vhereby we yield thanks to God for any ability at all; and are contented with the · measure of grace received, seeing it is ·God's good pleasure it should be so, who giveth the will and the deed; yet so, that we rest not from further endeavours. But when upon faithful endeavours we come short of what we would be and what others are, then know for our comfort, Christ will not quench the smoking flax; and that sincerity and truth, (as before was said,) with endeavour of growth, is our perfection. It is comfortable what God saith, 1 Kings xiv. 13. "He only shall go to his grave 1 in peace, because there is some goodness;" though but some goodness; 'Lord, I believe with a weak faith, yet with faith; love thee with a