Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 75 in us a loathing of duty, and, among other causes of discouragement, some are much vexed with scruples, even against the best duties, partly by distemper of body, helped by Satan's malice, casting dust in their eyes, in their way to heaven: and partly from some remainder of ignorance, which, like darkness, breedeth fears: especially ignorance of this n1erciful disposition in Christ, the persuasion of which would easily banish false fears. They conceive of him as one ready to take all advantages against them, wherein they may see how they wrong not only themselves but his goodness. This scrupulosity for the most part is a sign of a godly sou1, as some weeds are of a good soil, therefore are they the more to be pitied : for it is a heavy affliction, and the ground of it in most is not so much trouble of conscience as sickness of fancy. The end of Christ's coming was to free us from all such groundless fears. There is still in some such ignorance of thafcomfortable condition we are in under the covenant of grace as much discourageth them. Therefore we must know that weaknesses do not break covenant