Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING l"LAX . 7 '( strength where there hath been little means ; or they are sudden indeliberate breakings out, contrary to our general bent and purpose, whilst our judgment is overcast with a cloud of sudden temptation: after which, we are sensible of our infirmity; we grieve for it; and from grief complain ; and with complaining strive, and labour to reforn1 ; and in labouring get some ground of our corruptions .. There are some almost invincible infirmities, as forgetfulness, heaviness of spirit, sudden passions, fears, &c. which though natural, yet are~ for the most part tainted with sin. Of these we are weary and would fain shake them off as a sick man his ague ; otherwise it is not to be esteemed weakness so much as wilfulness, and the more will the more sin :.. and little sins, when God shall awake the conscience and set them in order before us, will prove great burdens, and not only bruise a reed, but shake a cedar. Yet God's children never sin with full will, because there is a contrary law of the mind, whereby the dominion of sin is broken, which always hath some secret working against the law of sin. Yet there may be ·