Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 79 n1ost abased in themselves, and are ashamed to look Christ in the face, by reason of their unkindness. We see God did not only pardon David, but, after much bruising, gave him wjse Solomon to succeed him in the kingdom. We must know for our comfort, that Christ was not anointed to this great work of the Inediator for lesser sins only, but for the greatest, if there be but a spark of true faith to lay hold on him. Therefore if there be any bruised reed, let him not except himself, when Christ does not except him. " Come unto me -all ye that are weary, and heavy laden." Why should we not make use of so gracious a disposition; we are therefore only poor, because we know not our riches in Christ. In time of temptation rather believe him than the Devil. Believe truth from truth itself. Hearken not to a liar, an enemy, and a murderer. Since Christ is thus comfortably offered to us, let us not believe Satan's representations of him. When we are troubled in conscience for our sins, his manner is .then to present him to us as a most severe judge, armed with justice against us .