Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FlAX. 91 to pass; and this is a principle taken for granted even in civil matters; as if he who knew before it would be a fruitful year, would therefore hang up his plough and neglect tillage. Hence _the Apostle, in Cor. xv. 57, 58, stirs up from the certain expectation of' a ' blessing. And this encouragement from the good issue of final victory is intended to stir us up and not take us off, if we be negligent in the exercise of grace received and use of means prescribed, suffering our spirits to be oppressed with multitudes and variety of cares of this life. For such miscarriage, God in his wise care suffereth us oft to fall into a worse condition for feeling, than those who were never so much enlightened. Yet in mercy he will not suffer us to be so far enemies to ourselves, as wholly to neglect these sparks once kindled. Were it possible that we should be left to give over all endeavour wholly, then we could look for no other issue but quenching. But Christ will tend this spark, and cherish this small seed, so as always to preserve in the soul some degree of care. If we would. make a comfortable use of