Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

go Simile. Chrif will ju lific his Church. Comfort ih difgruces. Cbriftjseflified in the Spirit. Refurre& ion; Clirif# at lengthwill be cleared,' he will be juJ#ißed. The .Sunac at length, will fcatter All the clouds : In the morning they ga- ther abouttheSwine, as ifthey would cover it ob,but the Suringbreakes tho.rowali, and glori- oufly appeares at lengrh:foCìrif}will fcatrer all clouds,and gloriouflyappeare to be that which the Word Pets him forth to be. Againe, as Chriftwill jufli ehimfelfe, fo he willjufliie his Church and children , firfl or lat,, by his $pint : His child+en are now accounted the offtcoujingofthe World ,: they are tram. pled and trod upon,thcy are the obje3 s offcorne and hatred ; and who accounted fobife ? Will Chrifl endure this ? No the that j:fflified him- felfe, that is, that declared himfelfe, andwill more and more dec'are h im lelfe to be ashe is ; will he not juflifre.hisChurch, his Myf}icall Bo- dy,to be as they are indeed? Certainely, it {hall appeare to the W1Vorld, that he willittflifte-them, to be Kings andPrieffs to be Heirc.r, to be glo rions to be fo neere and deare to him, as the Scripture fets them forth tobe. W hatfoe«'er the Scripture bath fpoken of the Saineîs, and chil- dren of God, the time will come, that all this fha ll be jufH;fledand made good by that spirit of Chrifl,whereby he made goodwhatfoe'et he had faid ofhimfelfe. Therefore inour eclipfes, anddifgraces, let us all comfort our fe'ves in this ; Let the World efteeme us for the prefent, as the reffufeocthe World:, as perfons notworthy tobe acquainted with