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stfeStifteffle 'tit Sties& Sit '1O:THE R ER Ile hhej `Points àf Cbri(ßian Religion, and loch- ac are me above the Reach d,.Huts Wifedome, are thole that lye be- low, in the foundation ; and therefore are they l' called the Myfteries of the Kingdome of Heaven,,q4as. c 3. z z. and thedeepe things of God, z Cor. z. z o. And the knowledge of there things , it teamed an afcending into Heaven,lobn 3.13 . aknowledge of(itch things as eye hath not feene, nor eare heard nor -would ever haveentred into the heart of man, bad they not beene revealed to ue by him that came downe fromHeaven, even the fonne of man that is in Heaven. That blef3ed Apofile S, Paul thanwas -rapptup into the third [- leaven, didyet chiefejy delire tofludie and teach tl:efe Principles of the Dotrineof Chrift : I determined not to know