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zoo Chriß feeneof,angels, tote rohicn Myfieriet the very Angels prie. And fo E.od. t6. in the Vedeof the Tabernacle the Veile had round about it Pictures of Cherubins : What did that thaddowout untous? The multitude of Cherubins, and Seraphins, and Angels that at- tendupon Chrift, and his Church. So he was [cone, and attended on by. Angels ; and it belongs nei. r. toall that are his :as youhave ir, Heb. r. Theyare minifirìngJirits for the good ofthe ',tire' of tien. They that ferve theKing, ferve the ueeoe too : Chrift is theKingofhis Church , and the 1 Church is the greateft Qyene in the World; they attend upon her: nay, Chriftpathmadeus with himfelfe Kings. Now, what a King isthat,. that bath a Guardof Angels t As they guarded andattended upon Chrift, fo theyguardand at. tend all that arehis : as you have it excellently in Dan. 7. io. ¶fhere are thoufand thoufand, ofAngels about the Throne continually. All this is for our comfort, becaufe we are one Myflicall body with him. LvebsLddder, You rhave:in Jacobs Ladder, a`notable reprefen- reda`s` fig°r tation of this : lacohs Ladder,'it reached from Earth to Heaven; and that pointed to Chrift himfelfe, who is Emanuel, 'God and man vvho brought Godand man together : He was a Me- diator betweene both, and a friend toboth : He was that Ladder,that touched Heaven and Earth, and joyned both together. Now it is faid, the Angelrafcended and dèfcended upon that Ladder 1 fo the An ìs defending típón us,is, becaufe they afcendanddefcend upofi lacobs Lndde, f r3f ;= that i is 1------tes.,