Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

101. Why Angels appears not now. (brill ferneofAngels. ofit ; thatnow inChrift, we have theattendance ofAngels. Wedoe not fee them, as in former time, beforeChrifts Incarnation; it is true : be-. i caufe now, fnce Chrift is come in the PP, the Government of Chrift is fpirituall, andwe are not fupporredwith thole glorious manifeftati- ons,but they areabout usin an invifiblemanner. Wehave Elizeus Guard about us continually, but wefee themnot. There were more appari- tions in the infancie oftheChurch, becaufe the difpenfation ofChrift to the Church,was accor- ding to the weake flare of the Church. But now Chrift is come in theflefb, and receivedup in glory, and there is more abundanceofspirit : wee' fhouldbe more fpirituall and heavenly minded, and not looke for outward apparitions of Angels; but be content,that we have a Guardof them a- bout us,as everyChriftianhath. Defjifenot (faith Chrif})thefelittle ones: they are about Chriflians, and about little ones, little in yecres, g¿ little in efteeme;for their Angels, &c.Itlis a ftrange thing; 1 they are Gods Angels,bur they aretheirs,for their fervice ; Their Angels b'holdshefaceofjour heavenly { Father : So that Chri Pis Angels are ourangelr; they are Angels even ofchildren , of little ones. Nay,let a man be never fopoore,even asLaz /rw, he fhali have theattendance ofÁngelr,in lifeand death. There is no Cott ftlanofl'w degr'ee,ofthe loweft degree, that {hall thinke himfelfe negle. &edofGod ; for the very Angelrattend him, as we fee in Lazarus : there is a genera ll comzn iíhon for the leaft,the littleones. Like-