Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Cbrif preached to the Ceatiler. pi 7 after hehad gained a people, by his Priefthood, and Offring, then he was tobe a K!ng togoverne them ; but his Propheticall Office is before the refs : he was all at the fame time, but i ípeake in regardof manife.ltation : now topreach. Chrift, is to lay open thefe things. And likewife the Prates, wherein heexecuted his Office. Firft,the Prate of humiliation ; Chrifh was firfl abafed, and then glorified : the fleih he tooke upon him,was firtr fan&ified , and- then a- bided 5 and then he made it glorious flefh: he could not workeour falvation, but in a flare ofa- bafement; he could not apply it tous, butin a flareofexaltat iem and glory. To open the merits of Ch ri fi, what he hath wrought to his Father for us : To open his efficacie , as the fpiritualI Headof the Church,« hat wonders he workes in his children,by altering and rayfrng of them, by fitting and preparing them For Heaven: Like- wife,toopen all the Promifes in Chrift , they are but Chrifi difhed and parcelled out ;411 thepro. mifes in Chrift, are Tex and Amen : They are made for Chrifis fake, and performed for Chrifls fake, they are all but Chri{l fevered into fo many parte titulargracious bleffings : Topreach Chrifi, is to layopen all this,which is the inheritanceofGods people. But it is not-fufñcient topreach Chriff,` to lay open all this- in the view of others ; but in the openingof them, there mufr be application of them to the ufeof Gods people, that they may fee their intereit ïn them and-there mati be an allum Manifcflation' ofChrifts Of- ficçs. Chtifis Rates. r Humiliation Exaita:ion, NecefEtie of application in Pt caching. 11