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THE CONTENTS OF THESE ENSVING TREATI S ES. THE SUMME OF THE fiCLI TREATISE. G Odline,fe,what. page 4 TheGoftel a Myaerie, why. lo Religion, why perfecuted. 4 How to carry our felves in Re- ligion. z S To blue God for Mysteries. 19 Not tofet on them with humane parts. 2 0 MyHerie.tofReligion above rea ion. 2 2 Not to de f aire oflearning Reli- gion. 23 Not toflight Divine Truths. 24 Godlinefe a great Afyiterie, why.. 34 How to be *Redwith it. 38 To endevour to learne it. 42 Gpolir eJe a Myfterie, without controverfe. ibid. Men live not worthy there My- fferie.r. 45 what Truth to account Catho- like. OfCod manifefl in theflefb. 5o Chriß juftißed in the Spirit. 70 Cbrift feene of Angels. 9 3 Chrift preached to the Gentiles.. I14 Chrisi 'beleeved on in the world. '37 Chrift received up in glory. 164 THE