Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

ISO Faith altoge ther above na- ture. C,,hrifb beleervedon in the World. vation,by the righteoufnefi'eandobedience ofa- nether : for the proud heart of' man to floupe to this, to acknowledge no righteoufneflê of its owne to Hand before the Tribunali of God , but to have all derived from Jefus Cbrill 3 to fetch forgiveneflà of fins out ofthe death ofanother, to wrap it felfe in the righteoufncffe and obedi. ence ofChrift, givenof God for it ; theheart of man,without a fupernaturall workeof the Spirit to fubduc it, will never yeeld to this; becaufe proud flefh andbloudwill alwayhave fòmewhat in it felfe todote upon , and tofet it out before God ; andtwhen it finds nothing in it felfe, then it defpaires :"for the heart of man thus to goe out ofit (elfe, and rely onely upon the righte- oufneffe of Chrifl, not having its owne righte, oufnefïe;this is the greatefl Myfterie. Efpecial ly for a guiltie Soule, that hath itseyes opened, to difcerne of its owne eftate; for a confcience awakened , to tru fl in God being aholy God, a ju(t God : for thefe two to meet together; God, and a- doubting,galled, mifgivingconfci- ence,fore_cafting thewort: for filch a confcience to findpeace, by thisal ofFaith cafting it felfe upon Chrifl ; this is more then canbe doneby any power ofnature. There is fomewhatin nature, for all legall obedience; man naturally hath fosne feedes,to love his Parents,to¡hate Mnrther, and the like: but to go out ofhimfelfe,and cafe hirnfelfeupon Gods love,and Mercy inChrifl, there is no feeds of this in nature, butall againft Faith in Chrill : oft