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'4 TheChurch uyfticall. Simile., Color. ;. of . r Religion, why perlecuted. .iZnYIC?. .. Gudlinef?e a JYIy/lerie: The Church it felfe is a myfficall thing: For under bafeneffc, and.r the fcorne of the world, what is hid ? Aglorious people. The flare of the Church in this world, it is likea Tree that is weather-beaten, the leaves and fruit aregone,but there is life inythe root. So,what is the Cnurc i? A. companieof men that are in theworl.,i, with- out glory,without comelineflè and beautie yet notwithflanding,theyhave life in the roor,a hid- den life : Our life it hidwith Chrift`, in God, Colo; 3. The Church bath a life,but it is a hidden myffi- call life, a,life under death ;.they fèenie to die to theworld, but they arealive : This is excellently and rhetorically followed by S. Paul; Ai dying, andyet we live; arpoore , yet making many rich. A firange kind ofpeople; Poore, and rich; living; and dying ; glorious, and bark; yet this is the (fare of the Chutchhere in.this world : they are an excellent people, but they are veiledunder infirmities oftheír ovine, andthe difgraces and perfecutions of the world. So, we feeboth the Doctrine it felfe, and the Graces, and the Head of the Church,_ and the Church it felfe, are na- thing but Myfferies; Is it f), that Religion is a MyfBrie ? Then fill'-ofall, doe not wonder that it is not kno'ne in the world and that it is not onely nor knowne,butperfecutcd andhated. Alas ,it is a hidden thing, men knownot theexcellencie of it. As great mens fonnes in a forraine Countrey; they findnot entertainment anfwerable to their worth, but as they are apprehended tobe by ffrangers :