Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Anammaimul -----,----. ,..,,-- 2.4 God/inefle 4 Myflerie. life. i" It is a Myflerie: therefore take heed of high-' To take heed tingofDivine Truths. The emptie (hallow heads ofBighting of theworld make great matters of trifles, and I3ivineTruths. ftand amazedat baubles, and vanities, and thinke it agrace, to flight divine things : this great My- (term of godlineffe theydefpife; that which the Angels themfelves (land inwonderment at, and arc ftudents in , that the wits of the world they flight, and defpife , or daily withall, as ifit were a matternot worthreckoning : but I leave fuch to reformation,or to GodsjufI judgement, that hath given them up to filch extrernitie of madnefl'e, and folly. Let us labour to fet a high price on the Myfleries ofgodlinefl'e. MueJfinn. How {hall wec come to know this Myflerie ;-low to know as wee fhould, and to carry our felves anfwe- thisMytteric. rabic ,gnfrrer, Wemuff defire God to open our eyes; that as theLight hath shined, as theApoflle faith,T"it.a. By Praycr the Gr4Ce of God bath Pined ; as there is a light. Tn. 2, fomenefle in the Myfleries, fo theremay be in our eye. There is a double Light required to all things in nature , the lightfomneffe in thc Me- dium, and in the fight ; fo here , though theMy- fteries be now revealed byPr aching,andBookes, and other helper; yet to fee this Myflerie , and make a right ufe ofit, there is required a fpiri- tuall Light, to joyne with this outward Light. Necefriitie o' And hence comes a necefïitieòf dependingupon dGeodpensSpinu dingon Gods Spirit, in converting in this Myflerie. There muff be an tilingofall helpes, andmeanes, for elfewe tempt God; weemuff reade, andKeare, i and