Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

o Godlinef3e a ,2511eriee Thereforewe fhould leffe pixie men,when we fee them runne into errours ; God fees that they have naughtie difpoftions, ( indeed, ifthey be {î11y foules,God will have mercy on rhem,if they be fircere,though they be in errour) but ifwe fee men that may know the Truth, and yet runne in- to errours; know, that fuch a man hath a poyio_ nous heart, a maliciousbent ofheart againil the Truth,orelfe Godwould not givehim up to fuch. and fuch things, as lie is carryed with ; there is much in that mans difpofirion, that is carryed away with falle Teachers; I meane,whereLight is difcovered But where God gives a willing mind, there heopens his meaning; wifedon:eh° eafie to him that rillunderJland. a And take heed ofpaffïon, and prejudice; of Toavoydpar- carnallaffeaions,that flirre uppaffion; for they., fi °",a"dpre': will malt?, the fouie that it cannot feeMyíleries judicc. that are plaine in themfelves: As we are f}rong in any pafïion, fo we judge ; and the heart when it isgiven up topaffìon,it transformes theTruth Simile. to it owne felfe, as it were. Even as where there is a fuffufion ofthe eye, as in the Jaundis, or the like,it apprehends Colours like it felfe; fo when the tafle is vitiated, it tails things not as they are in themfelves, but as it felfe is ; fo the cor- rupt heart transformes this facred Myaerie toit owne felfe, and oft times forceth Scripture to defend its owne fnne, and the corruptflare it is in it will beleeve what it lift; what it loves, it will force it felfe tobeleeve (although it be con trarie to divine Myfteries ) when the heart is deepeiy i