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witho.w (7ontrorver0. Í S t out ofth;e Scriptures,they are but empty things. Therefore, when we reade them,thìnke offorne- what that tnay.lead us to Chrift,as all the Scrip- turcs lead ( onewayor other ) to Chrift, as I' might (hew in particular, but I onely name it in generall.. Hebegins here with this j God. manifefl in the What meant fkfh: not God taken effentially,but God taken by God heíe. perfonally.;,.Göd, in the fecondP-erfaia-,.was rma- nifefled : all aec ions , areofperfons;the fecond Perlon was incarnate. The three perlons areaii God, yet theywere not all incarnate , though Godwere incarnate, becaufeitwas a perfonall aCtior of the fecondPeron,- And. why in that .Pcrfonl Qßí fïtton.. Becaute hewas the Image of God. And none AMfwer. but the Image of Goa could rettore us to teat Second Per- fon incarnate, image; He was the Sonne of God,and none but the.narurall Senne couldmake us Sonne.s. He is the wifedome oftf:e Father, to make us wife; and ' he is thefrrfl beloved, tomakeus beloved.' Such reafons are given by the Schoole-men , and not di (agreeable to Scripture : for indeed it is appro- priateto the fecond Perlon , the great worke of the Incarnation, God in the flefb. Therefore they ufually compare the Incarnation of Chrift to a Garment made by.three Virgins,Sifters,and one of themweares it. So all the three Perfons had a hand inthe Garment ofÇhrifts flefh;the Father had a worke in it,and the Holy-Ghoft-fankîified it,yet he onely wore it : therfore the fecondeer fonis,Go4manifefiinthe fiefh. ..