Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrif1juflfed in the Spirit. for thirtypieces did redeem the whole 'World ' by hisblond. Nay, at the loweft degreeofabafementofall, when he ftruggled with the wrathofGod, and wat befet of Devils then he triumphed : when he wasvifibly overcome; then invifibly.heover! came: he was an invifible Conqueror, when he was vifibly fubdued:For,did henotonthe Croffe fatisfie the wrath ofGod , and by enduring the wrath ofGod, freeus from it, and from Satan, Gods Gaoler , and reconcile us by his bloud ? The chiefe workes of all, were wrought in his chiefeabafement.At length he died,andwas bu- ried :I, but he that died,rofe againe glorioufly; therefore hewas mightily declared tobe the Senne of Cod, by raying himfelfe from thedead: That was the greateft abafement , when he lay in the Grave ; and efpecially then he was juffified, by his Refurrcn from the dead , and his Afcenfion , in his Bate of Glorification efpe- daily. So, ifwe goc fromChrifts birth, tohis loweft degree of abafement, there was alway fomc manifeftation ofhis juftification by the spirit. He was juflifiedin a double regard. In regardof God, hewas juged, and cleared fromour finnes that he woke upon him : He bore ourfinnrs upon the Tree , and bore them away, that they fhouldneverappeare againe toour dif -. comfort. He was made a Curfe for us How came'Chrift to be cleared ofour finnes , that layupon him? When bythe spirit,byhis Divine Ga Na-, 75 Chrif4 at the loweíi,did the greatcllworks, Chriiljuili6ed I In regard of God.