Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

S$ÍtM. VI.] SÍNS AND SORROW§ SPREAD BEFORE COD. 97 brought near to the mercy-seat; 'converse with God about. III. Why he chuses to tell all his Circumstances and his sorrows to God, when he is thus near hirn. IV. How he pleads for relief. . T. We have already considered, what it is for a soul to get near to the seat of God, and what are the usual attendants of such a privilege. At such a season the holy soul will have an awful and adoring =sense of the majesty of God, a becoming fear of his terrors, and some sweeter taste of his love. There will he a divine hatred of every sin, and a sensible virtue and influence proceeding from a present God, to resist every tempta- tion : there will be a spiritu a and heavenly"' temper- dif fusing itself through the whole soul; and all the powers of it; a fixedness of heart without wandering, and .a liveliness without tiring: no weariness is felt in the spirit at such a season, even though the flesh may be ready to faint under the overpowering sweetness: then the soul with freedom opens itselfbefore the eye of God, and melts and flows in divine language, whether it com- plain or rejoice. But I have finished this head, and re- peat no more. II. What are some of the particular circumstances, or subjects of complaint, that a saint brings to God' when he comes near him. In general, a saint, when he is near to God, has all the fulness of his heart breaking out into Holy language; he pours out his whole self beforehis God and his Fa- ther ! all the infinite affairs that relate to the flesh and spirit, to this life, and that which is to come; all things in heaven, andall things in earth, created or uncreated; may, at one . time or other, be the subjects of converse between God and a holy soul. When the question is asked by a carnal man, what can a christian talk with God so long and so often about? The christian in a divine frame, answers, " he bath matter enough for converse with God, to wear out time, and to fill up eternity." It may be as well asked on the other side, what has he not to say? what is there that relates to God, or to himself, to the upper, or the lower world, that he may not at some time say to his God ? But I must confine myself from wandering in so lame VOL. I. 7I