Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

100 SINS AND SORROWS SPREAD BEFORE GOD. [SERM. VI. I would cont'plaiuof this sore enemy, the world, that is perpetually besetting me, that strikes upon all my senses, that by the ears, and the eyes, and all the out- ward faculties, draws my heart away fromGod mybest friend. I would tell hint of the rageof Satan, that watchful and malicious adversary ; that I cannot engage in any duty of worship, but he is ready to throw in some foolish or vain- suggestion to divert me; and I would look forward, and point to my last enemy death, and beg the presence of my God with me, when I walk through that dark valley: " Lord, when I enter into that conflict, assist me, that I may fear no evil, but be made more thana conqueror through him that has loved me." 3. `I would tell him what darkness I labour under, either in respect of faith or practice. If I am perplexed in my mind, and entangled about any of the doctrines of the gospel, I would then tell my God what myentan- glements are, where the difficulty lies; and I would beg, that by his Spirit and his word, he would solve the con- troversy, and set his own truth before me in his own di- vine light. And then in point of practice, what darkness lies upon the spirit at such a time, is revealed before God; " My way is hedged up, I know not what path to chuse; it is very hard for me to find out duty; shew me, O Lord, the way wherein I should walk, and mark out my path plain for me." 4. I would mourn, and tell him, how little converse I have with himself, how much he is hidden from me: I would complain to him, how far off I am from him the most part of my life, how few are the hours of my coin- munion with him, how short is the visit, howmuch his face is concealed from me, and how far my heart is di- vided from him. A soul then says, " Surely there is too great a distance between me and my God, my heavenly Father; and cries out with bitterness, Why is God so far from me, and why is my heart so far fromGod ? how often do I wait upon him in his own sanctuary, and among his saints, but I am not favoured with the sight of his power and glory' there! And how often do I seek him in my secret retirements, but I find him not ! I would tell him how often I read his promises in the gos- pel, and taste no sweetness; I go frequently to those 1