Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

i I; 1A4 SINS AND SORROWS SPR'EADBEFORE GOD. [SERM. Vh supplies,- nor any -bar to his exercise 'of friendship to- w.ards. us. 3. A saint pours out his soul before God, because he is sure of;seerecy;_there. Howmany things are there transacted between God and a holy:soul, that relate to guilt-and inward workings of iniquity, that he could ;never publish to the world ! and many things also 1144 concern his .conduct in life, his embarrassments of spirit, his difficulties, his follies, Or the obstinacy; guilt, or follies of his friends or . relatives, which pru- dence and shame forbid him to tell to his fellow-crea- tures ; and yet he wants to spread them all before God his best friend, God his dearest- relative, the ` friend nearest to bis heart. .There may be many circumstances and cases in life, especially in the spiritual life, which ;one, christian could hardly communicate to another, .though under the strictest bonds and ties of natural, and civil, and sacred relation: But, we may communicate these very .affairs, these secret concerns with our God, and. unburden our souls of every care, without the least public notice. We cannot be perfectly secure of this with regard to any, creature ; for when we have experienced the faith- fulness .of a friend many years, he may possibly be at last unfaithful: Unfaithfulness is mingled with our na- ture since the fall, and it is ,impossible any person can be infallibly secure., _from ; it, 1's. lxii. 9. Men of, low ,degree are vanity, and great men are a lie: but we may leave our case with our God, as secure as thoughwe had communicated it to none: Nay, we may be easily se- cure and free in speaking, because God knows all be- fore hand. Our complaint adds nothing to his know- ledge, although it eases our souls, andgives.us sweet sa- tisfaction in having such a friend to speak to.. 4. A saint believes the equity, faithfulness, and the love of God.; therefore he spreads his case before him. ,llis equity, that the judge of all the earth will do right ; the righteous may plead with him.. His faithfulness, that he will fulfil all his promises:. and his love, that he .will take compassion, on .those who are afflicted ; he will be tender to those who are miserable. David takes oc- casion from this, to address God .under his sufferings and , sorrows Ps, 1xii. 1, . He is my rgcl;, and my