Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

IIO SINS AND SORROWS SPREAD BEFORE GOD. tSERM. 4I. not unbosommy whole self to him ? Shall I check the devout appetites and affections of my heart, because I do not find words inmy Prayer Book fit to express them? Shall I quench the blessed Spirit thus, and limit my con- 'verse with God ?" I allow forms of prayer well composed, to he useful helps for younger, or meaner christians; or, indeed, for all persons, when the spirits are low and languishing, and the heart in a heavy or cold temper : But at such a glorious season to confine a holy soul tó a few good ex- pressions, written down before, how great an injury would it be to its divine pleasure and profit? REFLECTION .IV. How comfortable a consideration may he drawn from my discourse, by those that have never a friend upon earth, that there is a friend in heaven, to whom they may tell all their circumstances, and all their sorrows'. There are some persons, in this world, so mean and so wretched, that they are ready to think, at least, that they have never a friend, and are apt to complain that they are altogether friendless. But there is a God, one that they may be sure is their everlasting friend, when they are willing to enter into a state of friendship with him : when they have commenced friendship with him by the blood of Jesus, the great Reconciler, and by the working of the reconciling Spirit; then let them improve this consideration with sweet jdy. They have a friend, inheaven, before whom they can spread all their sor- rows, though they be friendless on earth; though they are forced to say of their souls, " There is no refuge for them in the world," yet they can say, God is their re- fuge : They can express to him their various sufferings, and their several difficulties, and they can be sure of a helper in heaven. REFLECTION V. Lastly, That future state of glory must be blessed in- deed, where we shall be ever near to God, even to bis seat, and have no sorrows to tell hiin of. If it 4e so delightful a thing to come near to the seat of Go[ here upon earth, to mourn before him, and to tell him all our circumstances, and all our sorrows; how pleasura- ble. a blessedness must that of heaven be, where we shall be ever rejoicing before him, as Christ Jesus was before