Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

TERM. VIII. FALLING SHORT OF HEAVEN. 137 Oh that I could speak in melting language, or in the lan- guage of effectual terror, that I might by any means awaken your souls to jealobsy and timely fear ! That so many natural excellencies, as God has distributed amongst you, might not be wasted in sin, abused to dis- honour, and aggravate your everlastingmisery. [This sermon may be divided here.] 2. My next exhortation shall be addressed to those youths who have been trained up in all the arts of civi- lity, and have acquired a courteous and becoming car- riage. There is something lovely in such an appear- ance, and it commands the love even of the rude and uncivil. It so nearly resembles the sweetness of natural temper, and imitates good -humour so much to the life, that it often passes upon company instead of nature, and attains many valuable ends in human society. But where both these are happily joined, how shining is that character, and universally beloved ? We are pleased and charmed with your conversation, whose manners are polished, and whose language is refined from the rude and vulgar ways of speech. You know how to speak civil things, without flattery, upon all occasions; to instruct, without assuming a superior air, and to re- prove without a frown, or forbidding countenance. You have learned when to speak, and when to be silent, and to perform every act of life with its proper graces; and can ye be content with all this good breeding, to be thrust down to hell ? is it not pity that you should be taught to pay all your honours to men, and practise none to the living God? Have you not read those du- ties in connection ? 1 Pet. ii. 17. Honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, and honour the king. And why will you divide what God has joined, and give every one their due, besides God your Maker ? how dare you treat the creatures with decency and ceremony, and treat God the Creator with neglect? salute all men with their proper titles of distinction, and not learn how to address God in prayer ? pay due visits to all your ac- quaintance, and yet scarce ever make a visit to the mercy-seat, or bow your knees before the Majesty of Heaven. I pity those who have all the arts of complaisance in