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174 THL+ HIDDEN LÍFE OF A CHRISTIAN. [SEAM. X the days of heaven. Then when the covenant of peace was between them both, as it is expressed in Zecli. vi. 13. then did the Father promise that he should have a seed to serve him, Ps. xxii. 30. and this must be a living seed, and they must be raised up from among dead sin- ners, and they shall be made living saints in the world of grace, and in the world of glory.- Many of these promises are transcribed as it were,. in- to the covenant of grace, and they are written down in scripture for our present consolation and hópe; and many others are, doubtless concealed from all but Jesus the Mediator ; they are hidden from men and angels, and reserved to be known, by surprising accomplish- ment, in the future bright ages, beyond the date of time, and to entertain the long successions of our eter- nity. Now the truth and faithfulness of God are those 'attri - butes of his nature which secure this covenant, and all the divine engagements of it ; both those which are re- vealed to the children of men, and those that are known only to the Son and the rather: But it is sufficiently evident, that all the degrees and powers of the spiritual and eternal life of the saints, with all the graces, glo- ries and blessings that shall ever attend them, are hid- den and laid up in these sacred engagements and pro- mises. II. This leads me to the second enquiry ; and that is, what is meant by these words, with Christ, in my text? and how the christian life is hid with Christ? If I would branch this into three particulars alsó, I should express them thus : 1. Our life is hidden with Christ, as he is the great Treasurer and Dispenser ofall divine benefits to the chil- dren of men. This is the high office to which the Father bath appointed him ; and this is the character that he sustains; and he is abundantly furnished for the execu- tion of this great trust. In this sense, all the stores of life and blessing, that ever shall be bestowed on the sin- ful race ofAdam, are laid up in the hands of Christ, the Son of God. It háth pleased the Father, that in him allfulness should dwell; Col. i. 19. And he was full of grace and truth, that of his fulness we might receive grace for grace, John i. 14, 16. That is, a varietyofgraces and