Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

BERM. II.] INWARD WITVESS TO CHRISTIANITY. 17 Are not your sense and persuasion of the love of God mere delusions of fancy, and raptures ofwarrn imagina- tion, withOút any ground, or solid foundation of rea- son The christian may boldly refute such suspicions: These are no vain transports, no foolish visions of hope and joy, because as high and glorious as my comforts and my expectations are, they are' built on a due appre- hension of the justice of God, as well as 'his mercy; I have no hopes of -pardonby Jesus Christ, but what are supported by the righteousness and truth of God, as well as his goodness ; for in this way of salvation, offended justice is satisfied to the 'full, and mercy can exert itself in full glory, without the least dishonour or reflection on the'strict righteousness of God. God is just in the justification of a sinner in this way; He is faithful and Just to,forgive us our sins, and to cleanse usfrom all un- rightcousness, 1 John i. 9. Besides, says the Christian, the change wrought in me is real, and not imaginary; I am quite another creature than once I was ; the several powers of my nature, that were wont to be in perpetual war, now enjoya peaceful harmony, and my soul feels the pleasure, and the divine peace. Mystrictest and severest reason approves the change, and owns it to be divine. And thus I am led onward to speak of the other part of eternal life, and that is holiness. This is also found . in believing souls, and becomes an evidence of the truth of the gospel. Holiness mà.y be described by these five necessary in- gredients of it. 1. An aversion to; and hatred of all sin. (2. A con- tempt of the present world, in comparison of the future. -3; A delight in the worship' and society of God.-4. Zeal and activity in his service. -5. A hearty love to fellow-creatures, and more especially to fellow saints. I shall discourse of eachof these.particularly, and shew that eternal life consists in them, and this eternal life is foiánd in believers. Holiness consists in an aversion to, and hatred of all sin. This is complete in heaven; and without this, heaven cannot be complete. Into heaven there entereth vol.,. I. C