Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

INWARD WITNESS TO. CHRISTIANITY. [SERM.. Ir. To see a man raised above this world, and yet exec- cised in all the duties of life to see him live with a holy superiority to all things below heaven, and yet fulfilling all his 'relative duties among men with diligence;. to see a man ready; every moment to be gone from this ,world, and yet content to stay here as long as his Heavenly Father pleases, under the troubles, and burdens, and agonies of this life too ; this spews the religion to be divine, and from heaven Ile that believes, has this Witness in himself; and where faith rises high, this wit- ness appears evident andglorious. III. Another part of the holiness of eternal life, coñ, sists in a delight in the worship and enjoyment of God. This is perfect in heaven, this is eternal life : Rtv. vii, 15. They are before the throne of God night and day, that i$, perpetually, and serve him there in his temple, Now the christian religion attains this end in a good measure ; it brings the soul to delight in divine worship and converse with God, which no mere human religion could ever do : For since no human religion could ever teach an awakened sinner, how he might appear in the presence of a holy God, with assuranceand comfort, no . other religion could make a soul delight in the worship of God. 1 e can never delight in drawing near to God, that hath infrnite,vengeance in him, while we know ;not but he will pour that vengeance out upon us; we fly far from him, unless we have some good ground of hope, that he will forgive us our iniquities, and receive us into his favour. Now since there is no other doctrine, that spews us how our sins may he. forgiven; or how the fa- your of God may be attained, there is no other religion Can allure or draw us into the presence of God with pleasure ; Ileb. x. 19, 2O, Let us draw near and Ivor -, ship the Father, in full assurance and confidence, that he will accept our persons and our worship, since w.e. :have such an high-priest to introduce ,uswith accept- ance ;; since, by his flesh and incarnation, he has made a Yyay for us to come into the presence. of God with satis-; faction and pleasure, therefore let us, ,drawnear and worship hirri. The influence of this argument has been, found bychristiäns, byeverychri.stian; .for.there is,notone, that bath believed in Christ, but has had this witneSS itk