Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

28 TNWÁÁT3 WITNESS TO éttRTSTTANTTY [SERM. TTï ever zealous in those services which God employs them in, we doubt not, We cannot disbelieve. And this ac- tive zeal in the service df God, and pursuit of his glory, is the very ternper and practice of the true chris- tian; and that not only in some more important enter- prizes, but in the common actions of life: Whether he eat of drink, or whatsoever he does, he makes it his rule of life, to do all to the glory ofGod, .1 Cor. x. 31. Now this subtime zeal, this noble activity for the ser- vice of God and his glory, was not found among the professors of other religions. To glorify God, was not their aim and end; those that rose highest among the old philosophers, had not set their aim and end right: They that knew God, glorified him not as God, Rom. i. 21: They did not make the glory of God the great design of their actions : It was not zeal for God that animated them to pursue virtue, but merely their own ends, their own satisfaction or ease, or the vanity of their owit minds, pride, and attempt of superiority above other men; or, at best, their motives of action were the rea- sonableness of virtue, and the benefit of it to themselves and their fellow-citizen. But the glory Of God is they aim of Christians, and the end ofevery true believer: he has some degree of zeal for the honour of God, and therefore is aètive in those duties which God proposes to him. When we See a person regardless of all his self-inte- restsin the world, and at the same time pursuing the honour of an invisible God, following hard after the glory'of that God that his fleshly eyes have not seen; we may say hehas something above what mere corrupt na- ture leads him to or impresses upon him. The believer has this witness in himself, zeal and activity for the glory Of God in the world. V. The last thing that goes to make up holiness, is a heartylove to all risen, and especially to the saints. This is a noble ingredient of eternal life; this is a divine and heavenly temper; this is a beautiful part of the irnage òf God communicated to the soul of man. That God' *ho is the original and foundation of eternal life, is a glorious pattern of this Iove; he makes his sun to rise, and his rain to fall on the just and on the unjust,