Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

$ INWARD WITNESS TO CHRISTIANITY. [SEI M. III. eternal life, .1 John v. 20. and the original and spring of it to all his happy creatures. If it were possible that any other doctrine or religion could work such an in- ward witness in the hearts of sinners; if it were possible that any mere human gospel could give such a life and happiness as I have described, God would never have appointed his own divine gospel such a doubtful witness. But I may say, God will never suffer so divine a testi- mony to belong to any religion, but that which himself bath revealed ; and in our day it can belong to none but the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If false religions çould have this witness, could work this eternal life in sinners, we could hardly ever have sufficient .rules to judge of the true religion by. Rejoice then ye that have found this witness in your souls, that have eternal life begun in you ; seek after no other way to heaven. Be not drawn aside from the truth, but be stedfast. Ye cannot find such another doctrine among men; ye cannot find another religion that can of- fer such testimonies as this. It is then a convincing, an infallible witness ; such a new and heavenly life wrought in the heart, is a sure proof that the doctrine comes fromGod. V. It is a strong and powerful witness, and ever ready at hand to baffle the most learned sophisms, and the boldest temptations. It lies so near, and is always at hand, that it is a present shield against every flying ar- row from the camp of infidelity. It is an argument drawn from senseand vital experience, and it effectually answers all the subtle cavils of false reasoning. Suppose a crafty philosopher should pretend to prove, that bread is not wholesome, that water is useless to allay thirst, or wine is mere poison; I may boldly maintain the wholesomeness, and the happy use of bread, water, and wine; for I am daily nourished by this bread, my thirst has been perpetually quenched by water, and I have often found and felt this wine refresh me. The quibbles of logic, against the sense and experience of a true christian, are but as darts of straw and stubble against the scales of a leviathan. . When the Greeks, who seek after learning, say to a Christian, " How can this gospel be true and divine, which is so plain and simple in itself, which was preach.