Watts - Houston-Packer Collection BX5207.W3 S4x 1805 v.1

BERM, III.1 INWARD WITNESS TO CHRISTIANITY. 53 had this inward testimony working powerfully in the soul, and breaking forth in the life ! How effectually would it silence the most impudent objectors ! When they shall put that question to you, What do you more than others ?" You would make it appear in your lives, that the gospel is true and divine, by challenging all the philosophers, and all the priests and devotees of other religions, to ;hew such men and women as chris- tians are; such husbands and wives, such parents and children, such masters and servants, such lovers ofGod and man, O how happy would it be for the christian naine and interest in the world, if those who profess the gospel of Christ, could make a bold and universal chal- lenge upon this head ! Or when the deists shall insult and say to a believer, " What is Jesus of Nazarethmore than another man, that you love and adore him so ?" Or in the language of the carnal Jews, "What is thy be- loved more than another beloved, that thou makest so much ado about hirn ?" The discovery of Christ reign- ing in the soul by his renewing grace, will be a sufficient evidence that he is the Son of God, that his character and his person are divine, and his mission is from above ; that he is the chiefest of ten thousands, and al- together lovely. It is worth while for us now to take a survey of our- selves, to look back upon our lives, and ask, " What testimonies have we given to the gloryof this gospel, and to the truth of the religion of Christ? Have we not sometimes rather been scandals to christianity ? Have not our practices been blots instead of evidences, and discouragements to the unbeliever, instead of allure- ments? Have we not sometimes laid stumbling-blocks in the way of those that have had the look of an eye, and some tendency of heart towards it ?" This will be an awakening thought,' and painful to conscience in the review. Have we not much reason to mourn that there are some among us who walk as enemies of the cross of Christ? Philip iii. 17. I would have you, says the apostle, be followers of me, walk as I walk, as you have me for an example. I would have you walk as those who have eternal life begun in them, that you may be honours to the gospel, But there are many who walk, E3